Friday, November 9, 2007


Yep, it's Friday!

Today, Kenny has another treatment, ...he's always anxious and a bit nervous about getting them. I'm just glad that these treatments are able to control his condition. He's come a long way and I hope that the future will bring even more options as new and improved medicines and treatments become available.

My biggest hope is that he may be able to administer treatments on his own and no longer have to go to the hospital for infusions.

Okay, were heading out the door, so just wanted to leave you with a "word of the day," ...plan, plan, plan! Yes, I know I said it three times, but hey it's still just one word! LoL

Planning is key when it comes to weight-loss success. So, be sure and "plan ahead" and you will be better able to avoid those temptations that don't fit into your weight-loss plan.

YOU CAN DO IT! (((hugs)))

Enjoy your day!

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