Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Tread'n, Tapp'n, ...and hopefully Bike'n!

Lipton T is giving away a FREE bike! Diana over at Scale Junkie has been selected to give one of her lucky readers one. So head on over to Scale Junkie and Enter!

My reason for entering was simple ...

My daughter Karen is celebrating her 9th birthday this Saturday, on May 10th. We are buying her a bike for her birthday!

Not because all kids like bikes, but because she has never learned how to ride a bike without training wheels due to being over-weight and not being able to balance very well. She has been following the Suzanne Somers program called Somersize, I call her my "Somersizer in Training" and she has lost 11 lbs. since March.

I am so proud of her and want so much to encourage her to not only eat healthy but to incorporate exercise in her daily routine.

I would love to WIN this bike so that I can really be a positive example, ...riding along side her to better health and creating loving, lasting childhood memories for her!


SUZANNE™ Consultant Opportunity!

I have received some exciting news and wanted to share it with you!

We have some fantastic changes going on at SUZANNE™ and to celebrate they are offering a special promotion to join SUZANNE™ for only $10.00! This start up kit includes a dvd, catalogs, order forms and information on the company.

Once you join, you can choose to sell SUZANNE™ products, Agua Dulce Wine products and/or Youngevity products. It's completely up to you since all three are now part of the SUZANNE™ product line up! Or, you can just purchase the products at whole-sale pricing for your personal use only, ...I love that there are no minimums or sales requirements!

With SUZANNE™, since there are no requirements for sales, you can put as little time or as much time and effort into it as you want! It's completely up to you, ...I love that we can join to build a profitable business or just to purchase products for ourselves at really great discounts!

For SUZANNE™ products, we receive 40% on beauty, 25% on food and 35% on jewelry and accessories. For Agua Dulce and Youngevity products we receive 25%.

In addition, SUZANNE™ Consultants are offered products that are not available in the catalogs or on the website at really low prices!

The $10.00 promotion kit is incredible, our normal kits start at $99.00 and go up to $999.00.

I'm so excited, this is such a great opportunity, I wish they had this when I joined!

I'm not sure how long they will offer this promotion, so, if you are interested in purchasing products at such great discount prices or in selling any of the products, I would jump on it,'s definitely the best and most affordable time to join!

If you are ready to "join" or would like to learn more about this opportunity, please call me at (513)772-4565 or email me at .

I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Betsy Carter, Team Leader
Charter Consultant #2789