Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weighing in on my Progress 10/29/2007

I stepped on the scale not expecting to see any change from last week since Tom arrived today and as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and glanced at the bright red numbers glowing up at me it said 166. I stepped off the scale and back on again, ...and there it was again.

Next, I looked around, hopped off, on, off, on, ...and it continued to read 166. I moved it to another side of the room, stepped on again and it still said 166. I bent down to move it again and as I stood back up, I noticed there was Kenny watching me with a smile on his face. As he came toward me , he said, ...I agree, I don't think the scale is right today. I think you weigh less than it says!

Okay, now I'm giddy over Kenny's sweet comment and the fact that my scale was so kind to me with Tom being here that I lost 2 lbs. this week, ...life is good!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I want that!

I want the "Pink" Dyson Vacume cleaner!

October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, ...and Dyson isn't dishing out any dirt when it comes to supporting this cause.

In honor of Breast Cancer, ...they are donating $40.00 towards Breast Cancer research from every pink vacume cleaner purchase. And, they are offering a contest for a FREE "Pink" Dyson Vacume!

It's important for each of us to do our part for better health, ...so, please be sure and do your monthly exams and have annual screenings. Early detection saves lives.

To help create awareness, I offer my Butter Bear Awareness Ribbons. If you are interested in displaying them on your website, blog, or in your emails, ...please visit my graphics site Growlibear Graphics, they are located in the LINKWARE section under Butter Bears. To request yours simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, they are FREE to use with a link back to www.growlibear.com .

Here is my "Breast Cancer" ribbon bear ... , to save, just left-click on image, it will open a new window, then right-click and save it to your computer.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wow! I really am Fat!

Okay, ...today, after uploading my pictures, I realized that I really am fat. LoL

No really, I don't mean this in a negative way, it's just so amazing to me that our minds can see ourselves one way and the camera can see us entirely different.

Earlier this year, when I was ready to focus on myself, I realized that I had become overweight, although I knew in my head that this was true, I just couldn't see that for myself from the inside.

Sure, when I would catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I thought I looked huge, but I also found myself in disbelief that it was actually my reflection looking back at me. I just still felt like "me" on the inside and my mind played along by allowing me to see myself the way I wanted to and not the way it was. I guess that's what "denial" is really all about. As long as we deny it, it just doesn't exist, right?

It's okay though, because back in July when I woke up that day and decided that I wasn't going to do "this" anymore, ...it meant that I was getting off of that roller-coaster ride and I was leaving all of those feelings of denial behind.

So, today when I look in the mirror, I still look bigger than I want to be, but I don't feel ashamed of myself anymore. I am "on my weigh" to a better me by eating healthy and exercising.

And, ...one day, when I look in the mirror, the reflection I see will be the same person who I see as "me" on the inside.

Uploaded my "In Progress" Photo!

I know the photo's still look the same, but really they're not.

I put on the same outfit I had on from the first picture so that I could really compare my progress.

I love seeing "before" and "after" pictures but it bugs me when they look "so different" that it makes me question if they are really the same person, don't you agree?

So, I decided for my transformation, I would put on the same outfit each time I update my photo progress, ...just wish I had thought about the outfit more before I decided to do this! LoL

Okay, well, if I happen to find another photo at the same start weight I may swap them out. Otherwise, I will just continue with what I have so far.

One of my goals is to create a "slideshow" or a presentation that shows all of my pictures "morphing" from my starting weight to my goal weight!

Kinda Cool, huh?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is that the same photo?

Okay, I realize that I just posted the same "Before" photo as the "In Progress" photo, ...but there's a reason I did that!

Oh, you want to know what it is?

Well, my batteries died in my camera while I was uploading my "In Progress" pictures and I can't get them out of the camera! So, today after work, I'll run to the store and buy some new batteries then I'll upload the correct photo.

In the meantime, I went ahead and used the same photo so I would have a place marker.

See, there was a reason! LoL

Photo Album

Before ~and~ After Photos - 2007

"Before" Photo


Weight Loss: 0 lbs.

Inches Lost: 0"

"In Progress" Photo


Weight Loss: 14 lbs.

Inches Lost: 19"

Weight: 182 lbs.


Arms: 14"

Chest: 41"

Waist: 44"

Thighs: 27"

Hips: 45"

Weight: 168 lbs.


Arms: 12.5"

Chest: 39"

Waist: 38"

Thighs: 21.5"

Hips: 41"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weighing in on my Progress 10/22/2007

Ta da! I am still loosing, I'm down 1 pound this week and another 1.5".

Woo Hoo, feels so good to be off of that darn plateau! I'm anxious to reach 162 lbs., the reality of loosing 20 lbs. sounds so motivating to me. Okay, only 6 more pounds to go, I can do it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weighing in on my Progress 10/15/2007

Can you hear me all the way over there?

I'm jumping up and down with "screams" of delight! LoL

Okay, ready for my news, ....drum-roll, ....uh, ....another drum-roll, ....drum-roll, drum-roll, okay, okay, here it is ...my scale is ready to get moving again, I am down 2 pounds! Woo Hoo!!!! Do I dare say it? Yes, ...my plateau is over!

For my 3 month mark, I am down 13 lbs. and 17.5", ...I feel so much better, more energy, and have such a great outlook and attitude about my way of eating that I'm living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Today is Saturday, October 13th! It's my oldest son's birthday, he is 20 years old today!

We went out shopping earlier today for him and now I need to run to the grocery store. We are having a small party for him this evening and I want to make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks on hand.

Today is also the 1st birthday for my Members Area at my graphics site Growlibear Graphics, http://www.growlibear.com/ . I am having a month long celebration!

Okay, I'll check in later!

BetsC's Pantry!

These are products that I have used and/or would
recommend using as part of a healthy lifestyle!

Product: Dannon All Natural non-fat (Plain) Yogurt

Use: Eat alone or use in recipes
Where to Buy: Local grocery stores.
Ingredients and/or Nutritional Information:
Dannon All Natural Non-fat (Plain) Yogurt: Cultered grade A non-fat milk, contains active yogurt cultures including L. acidophilus.
Additional Note: I use it as a replacement for fats in my fat-free recipes. You can also use a flavoring to create a delicious flavored yogurt!

Product: Bob's Red Mill

Use: Whole grains
Where to Buy: Local grocery stores.
Ingredients and/or Nutritional Information:
  • Unprocessed Miller's Wheat Bran: Wheat Bran
  • 5 Grain Oats: Rolled whole wheat, rye, oats, flaxseed, barley, and triticale.
Spices & Extracts

Product: Spice Barn Extracts

Use: Spices, Extracts & Flavorings
Where to Buy: www.spicebarn.com
Ingredients and/or Nutritional Information:
Butter Flavored Popcorn Seasoning: Maltodextrin, salt, natural and artificial flavors including butter, whey, dextrose, butter powder, buttermilk powder, xantham gum, extractives of turmeric and paprika. Less than 2% silicon dioxide to prevent caking.
Salt & Vinegar Popcorn Seasoning: Maltodextrin, Sodium Diacetate, Salt, Fructose, Vinegar Powder, Sodium Citrate, Malic Acid, Natural Flavor.
Additional Note: I use the Popcorn seasonings on plain pork rinds instead of on popcorn.
Sugar Substitutes

Product: Whey-Low

Use: Sugar Substitute, Brown Sugar Substitute, Powdered Sugar Substitutes
Where to Buy: www.wheylow.com
Ingredients and/or Nutritional Information:
Whey Low: Sucrose, fructose, and lactose monohydrate.
Whey Low Gold: Sucrose, fructose, and lactose monohydrate.
Powdered Whey Low: Sucrose, fructose, lactose monohydrate, and corn starch.

Product: Xylitol

Use: Sugar Substitute
Where to Buy: Some specialty grocery stores carry this or you can order it online.
Ingredients and/or Nutritional Information:
Xylo-Sweet: Xylitol
Additional Note: Available in granular form and in convenient packets.

Product: Torani Sugar-FREE Syrups

Use: A sugar-free flavoring.
Where to Buy: Some specialty grocery stores carry this or you can order it online. www.torani.com
Ingredients and/or Nutritional Information:
Sugar-free Syrups: Natural flavorings, purified water, splenda.

Friday, October 12, 2007

BetsC's Blog Bites
Getting up close and personal, ...an Interview with you and me!

Q: How long have you been Somersizing?

A: I started Somersizing on March 05, 2001.

Q: I'm confused about the levels?

A: There are two Levels, Level 1 is intended for weight-loss and Level 2 is intended for weight maintanance. Almost Level 1, is basically Level 1, however it includes an ingredient or a combination that falls short of Level 2.

Q: I remember a Betsy from Somersizing With Betsy and Weigh 2 Go with Betsy from years ago, is this you?

A: Yes, I am the same Betsy from www.somersizingwithbetsy.com and www.weigh2togowithbetsy.com, I no longer own or operate those websites, I am changing with the times and so I now share my Somersize experiences here on my blog at www.looksarenteverything.com !

To ask a question, simply email me at Betsy@looksarenteverything.com

BetsC's Blog Bites

Good Morning, ...and happy TGIF!

I decided that since I get a lot of emails with questions about me, food/product recomendations, exercise and my experiences with Somersizing that I would start a new category and share these questions and answers with all of you.

So, please feel free to email me at Betsy@looksarenteverything.com and ask a question, it may be featured on BetsC's Blog Bites!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Somersizing is so Satisfying!

Okay, I need to go to bed, but really wanted to pop in over here to post a message.

It just occured to me that in 3 days it will be 3 months. I'm just amazed at the progress I have achieved on the inside and how it is being reflected on the outside. I am so much more at peace with myself and to not feel like I'm "struggling" with my weight any longer is such a comforting feeling.

When I first began Somersizing, I was looking for a way to avoid some health issues that I feared would affect me if I didn't find a healthier way to live. And now to rediscover those same feelings and attitude is just incredible.

I love that I can eat healthy foods, not count calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. ...and be able to loose weight. I also love that I've always looked at this part of the program as an added bonus. I really like my focus being on "eating healthy and feeling fit" rather than being obessed with being on a "diet" and trying to loose weight!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weighing in on my Progress - 10/08/07

Okay, ...the scale is still stuck but my measurements have began to move again! This week, I lost 1 inch in my waist and 1 inch off my hips, ...yea!

So, drum-roll ........................that's now a total of 17.5" inches lost since 07/14/2007!

Woo Hoo! Doing the Happy Dance!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Whooosh, ...this was a fast week!

Wow, can't believe that another week has already flown by. Guess that means I've been having fun? And, yep I have been! LoL

Okay, I think I'll just do a bit of an update then hopefully, tomorrow I will begin posting regularly.

Last week's "Weigh-In" ended up being the same, ...however, Tom visited, so I didn't feel discouraged with seeing the same results. My next weigh-in is tomorrow morning, so we shall see what that brings!

Eating? I couldn't hold out any longer so I began eating my muffins again, ...it's funny cause before I really only choose to eat carbs for breakfast maybe 2-3 times per week. And this time, I really enjoy eating them everyday. I really feel so much more balanced and if it means a slower weight loss, then that's okay, ...I accept that as a positive trade off!

Oh, oh, ...and I was at it again,
Jungle Jim's was out of Jicama so I just purchased twice the Rhubarb and decided to experiment with it. I diced up about 1 1/2 cups of Rhubarb and then added Torani sugar free Strawberry Syrup and let it soak overnight, ...what can I say, yet another "winner" of a recipe! Strawberry Muffins, YUM!!! (I'll post the acutal recipe tomorrow!)

Exersize? Guess what we bought? Go ahead Guess!

Okay, I'll tell ya, ...a brand new Home Gym to replace the one we just got rid of in July! Woo Hoo, ...I'm lovin it! It's funny how I'm an all or nuthin kind of girl, ...and right now in just the past 5 days I've become so addicted to using it that I just can't get enough! ROFL

And, now I've been thinking a lot about some mini-goals, ...really they are so important.

We have an upcoming event that really got me thinking about setting some goals, ...on October 25th, my husband will celebrate 25 years with his company. Once you reach this status, you are then invited to an Awards Dinner and Ceremony with the other employees who have also reached 25 years and beyond. I'm so proud of him and excited that we will be going to a fancy Dinner Party on November 3rd!

Now, ...since I'm happy loosing weight at a steady pace, I don't want to pressure myself by setting a # goal, however, I would like to look my best for this event. So, I"m going to continue to be legal and work out everyday and just continue this process and go where-ever my progress takes me.

As a reward for my success so far, I am going to buy a new dress, shoes, ect. to wear and will go and have a pedicure at
Mitchell's Salon and DaySpa the morning of the event! I think this pampering will make me feel special and I won't need to focus on my actual weight loss.

With my weight gain, I have been unable to wear my wedding rings, ...so, I'm really, really hoping that I will be able to slide them on by then! Yes, my Fingers are crossed!!!! LoL

On to other news ...

I have a huge celebration going on at
Growlibear Graphics, my graphics site, ...October 13th will mark the 1st birthday of my Members Area so I am offering lots of fun and games and prizes to celebrate!

I've found a few online resources for home-schooling materials where I can purchase curriculum for Kirk. So, I've been bidding and buying lots of stuff for him over that last few days. I'm excited and can't wait for them to arrive!

Plus, I've been scoping out some of Suzanne's products over at
Ebay, I just keep forgetting to come back and check on them, ...I've missed a few things that I would have liked to have!

I'm not really ready to join Suzanne's new company called Suzanne, ...but you know me, it could happen! LoL

I've also been thinking a lot about HI& G's, wishing I had a current catalog, as I'm feeling like redecorating! Must be my new outlook on life, ...I just want to make improvements and than means making everything look better.

OH, oh, ...and I was able to get Ken into a furniture store today and showed him this really nice leather couch that I've been wanting. All he had to do was sit on it and he agreed, ...he loved it too! Ah, he's just not ready to make such a big purchase when our budget is geared towards the garage project. But, hey, ...least I got him in the store and he approved of it! LoL

Okay, well, it's now midnight, and 5:30 am comes really early, so I'm signing off for tonight but promise I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly "Weigh-In!"