Friday, October 12, 2007

BetsC's Blog Bites
Getting up close and personal, Interview with you and me!

Q: How long have you been Somersizing?

A: I started Somersizing on March 05, 2001.

Q: I'm confused about the levels?

A: There are two Levels, Level 1 is intended for weight-loss and Level 2 is intended for weight maintanance. Almost Level 1, is basically Level 1, however it includes an ingredient or a combination that falls short of Level 2.

Q: I remember a Betsy from Somersizing With Betsy and Weigh 2 Go with Betsy from years ago, is this you?

A: Yes, I am the same Betsy from and, I no longer own or operate those websites, I am changing with the times and so I now share my Somersize experiences here on my blog at !

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