Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Having the Write Stuff ...

I was interested in finding some suppoprt with my writing, ...something that would allow me to write about things that are related to my life and also would support my "Looks Aren't Everything" site. During my research, I found , it doesn't cost you anything to register with them, ...and they offer topics for you to choose to write about on your blog.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I started out writing poems, all of which were based on real life experiences. I was chosen to write and recite one of my poems for my High School graduation ceremony. The years following graduation, I continued writing poetry and was proud to have my work chosen to be published as part of a collection of Poetry.

Having my childcare background, it wasn't long before I discovered that I was interested in writing books and short stories for children. I wrote several children's books and submitted them to The Institute for Children's Literature for consideration. So far, my work has not been selected for publication, but I'm not discouraged. I really enjoy the process of writing and find it very satisfying and rewarding.

I'm excited and looking forward to writing blog entries on a regular basis. It allows me to "write from my heart" and to provide products and services that offer support to my readers on eating healthy and being fit!

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