Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yep, it tastes as good as it looks!

Okay, I admit it, ...this post is a little bit of a tease, but hey it's really about sharing and what better way than with pictures!

I played around and came up with a new recipe, Betsy's Honey BBQ Sauce. And, I used it on grilled chicken last night and it was delicious! Here's a photo to make your mouth water!

You will find my BBQ recipe under the "In the Kitchen with Betsy" category, ...all of my recipes and any shared by others will be listed there. Most of my recipes are created with ingredients found in your local grocery stores, but some of them may not carry the ingredients listed. I can only share my experiences with the ingredients that I choose to use. If you substitute an ingredient for one that I have used, please be aware that the outcome of your finished recipe may be different than mine.

Speaking of cooking, my daughter Karen and I thought it might be fun to create a little cooking video to share with you. Or perhaps, create a mini talk show where I can share my hints and tips with you? Hmmm, ...oh yes, my wheels are turning! LoL

On to other news, ...I'm still updating my blog. Under "Weights & Measures" my weight progress chart and my measurement chart is now up to date. I am still waiting on my Doctor's office to fax my bloodwork results and I will add those to that chart. I decided since I keep a food journal that I will update my Menu's once a week with the last seven days of menu's. If I find I'm able to add them sooner, I certainly will.

I haven't had time to play around with the template, and I'm anxious to find some time for that. You all know me, ...I don't venture too far away from my graphics, ever! LoL
I'm off to post my recipe then am heading to bed, ...Good Night to all you "HealthySiZers" !

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