Friday, August 3, 2007

Food Journal Keeping

Keeping a food journal is one of the best ways to keep track of your daily intake of food. It not only keeps you accountable, but it provides you with menu's and food ideas that work! When I started Somersizing, I wrote everything down. It enabled me to look back and see where I may have been eating "hidden cheats" and/or perhaps indulging in too many choices that contributed to a slower weight loss, a stall or even a weight gain.

Personally, I prefer to use a personal organizer. In the beginning, I used a blank journal by Flavia. It was a small binder type organizer that had daily dates with enough room to write down all of my meals for each day. In January '07, I switched over to the "Somersize Day-to-Day Journal," it makes my record keeping even simpler.

If you prefer to use an online tool, ...then try They offer a free service that lets you track your food intake as well as an area for exercise. Both, provide you with a resource that will help you to achieve your nutrition, weight loss/maintenance and exercise goals.

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