Friday, August 3, 2007

"HOT" August Tips on Exercising!


If you are not participating in some kind of exercise routine, is the time to start one!

Here are some tips to get you started ...

1. Start slow. I know you want to see results, but if you start out too fast you risk injury and/or burn out. Take it slow. You will feel better and your body will give you longer lasting results.

2. Find your Groove. If you know you like to walk, ...start a walking routine. Again, start out slow. Be sure to wear proper "walking" shoes and comfortable attire. Nothing worse than having to give up your new routine due to hurting legs, toes or feet. If the weather is nice, choose an outdoor location. Be sure to breath properly as you walk and take in the fresh air. If not, ...any local indoor mall will do!

3. Pick up the Pace. Don't forget to add a little cardio to your workout and a little bit of weight training! Now, don't turn and run, ...I'm not saying to become the next Mrs. America (although if that's your goal, go girl!). Really, cardio/weight training strengthens your heart and muscles and in turn, ...continues to burn more calories and fat once you have completed your workout. It takes more calories to maintian muscle mass than it does to maintian fat. You don't need to join a gym (unless of course you want to) to do cardio and/or weight lifting exercises. Some cardio exercises include: jumping rope, climbing stairs, an aerobic workout (many popular tapes are available) and for weights, ...try starting with something light, like a 2 lb., 3 lb., or 5 lbs dumbell. Work on your arms to stregthen your biceps. Don't worry you will not end up looking like Arnold, ...but you will achieve a more sexy and shapely definition.

4. Whatever mode of exercise you choose, ...focus on it with your full attention. It won't do you much good to do 30 reps the wrong way. Doing 10-12 the correct way will guarantee perfect results. Don't use momentum when you are weight lifting. Keep the lifting and lowering movements slow and controlled. If you find you are "swinging" the weights or working out too fast, may be using too much weight or doing too many reps. Be sure to pay attention to this and adjust as necessary.

5. Mix it up! One of the first problems you may experience with a new exercise routine is boredom. So, knowing that this can happen you should "mix up" your routine from time to time to avoid this from happening. When walking, go in the opposite direction, ...or add some intensity by choosing a location with lots of hills, etc. Same with the weights, try mixing up your routine. If you always do legs, abs, arms, ...try switching to your arms first, then your legs, and lastly the abs. As long as you are still working out, ...your body will continue to benefit and your mind will be pleased with the new changes.

6. No pain - no Gain. Well, this is true to an extent. If you find you are feeling a little sore in the beginning, that is to be expected especially if you are not used to working out. But, if you find after several days or weeks of working are experiencing pain you may have over-done it and injured yourself. A good rule of thumb, ...after a workout you should feel that you are close to the point of fatigue. If you feel any pain prior to that point, ...then you need to stop and rest.

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