Friday, August 3, 2007

What is Food Combining?

Beginning as early as the 1850's, ...some of the first people to discover "food combining" were two American Doctor's, ...Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (1888-1987) and Dr. William Howard Hay (1866-1940).

Using scientic methods, ...they realized that the body utilizes food (nutrients) in various ways. By ingesting proteins, carboyhydrates, and fruits together, it created a halt in the digestion system resulting in numerous intestional problems such as, ...gas, bloating, fullness, food allergies, constipation, moodiness, fatigue, obesity, and diseases.

Being Nutritionists, ...and knowing the anatomy of the human body they begin to look at the body in a scientific fashion. The body's normal digestion system consists of an Acid and an Alkaline process.

They experiemented and did extensive research with several different nutrients. They discovered that when separating foods according to an Acid or Akaline base, that the body would utilize the appropriate digestion process and therefore, use just an Acid or Akaline base to digest the food. Digestion was greatly improved and the intestional problems diminished and/or dissappeared completely.

They continued to do research and found that other benefits became apparent. They found that by "food combining" that the body was able to regulate it's hormones and that the body was able to shed itself of stored fat cells.

Increased energy and better sleep are just a few more reasons to "food combine." One of today's more recognized names, and who utililizes "food combining" as part of her weight-loss program called Somersize® is Suzanne Somers. Many more people today realize the benefit of "food combining" and it has become a favorable part of a healthy lifestyle.

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