Friday, August 3, 2007

My TEN Steps to becoming a Somersize STAR

1. Short, Long, and In between: Ask yourself, ...What do I want to acheive by Somersizing? Then establish reachable, realistic goals, creating short term, in-between, and long term goals. Remember, by choosing Somersize you have chosen to give up "dieting,"...and that means the end of the yo-yo game. Set small goals that you feel are easy to reach and know by doing so they will add up to your long term goal!

2. Today's not my Birthday? Who's present is this? Why,'s yours! Today is the day that you reward yourself for the little changes that you are doing that are bringing about a big change. Maybe, you have reached your first small goal, maybe you have gone 5 days without any refined sugar, ...whatever your acheivement is, don't forget to reward yourself along the way.

3. Writer's Cramp: Grab your pen and paper and start writing. Or, ...get your fingers warmed up and start typing! You are about to begin a journey that will help you down the path to Somersize Success. It's called a "Journal." Keeping track of your meals, moods, eating times, etc., ...creates accountability within yourself.

4. Patience, ...good things come to those who wait! Oh the dreaded, ...plateau! Sometimes you will be going along, following the program without any cheats and all of a sudden you stop losing weight. Oh, I know it's frustrating, ...but please be patient. It is happening for a reason. Your body is adjusting and it is necessary for your body to take it's time to adjust to insure that the changes you have made will become permanent.

5. Label, labels, labels! Yes, they are everywhere, ...and they will become one of your best friends. Read those labels! With the new "low carb" sweep that has hit our nation, ...many labels have changed. So, some of your tried and true brands may change an ingredient to seek out the "low carbers" so please don't "assume" because you bought something in the past that it is going to remain the same. And, ...with Somerzing, be sure to always check the "ingredient" portion of the label . Even when the ingredients show no refined sugars, the "nutrition" portion of the label may show sugar or carbohydrate grams because of the effect of "natural sugar's" which are sugars that are not added but occur naturally.

6. Buy a spare tire! Planning, ... is the ultimate key to success. Know that setbacks are inevetable and at some time they will occur. Use this knowledge and plan for them, doing so you will minimize their effect.

7. Eat & Enjoy! One of the greatest benefits of Somersizing, the delicious meals! Rich, creamy sauces, fresh steamed or crunchy vegetables, whole grains, ...non-processed foods that are intended for your body. How many times have you heard Suzanne say,'s awesome, incredible food that will rock your world, ...and you can eat it for the rest of your life? So, go on, and enjoy!

8. Get ready to change a flat tire! Is a birthday party or celebration coming up? Will you be eating out in a "new" restaurant? Whatever is in the works, ...get ready to grab your spare tire. You can find ways to "Somersize" the food choices, ...or you can schedule a "planned" cheat and then just jump right back on the "Somersize Wagon." Choose what makes you feel comfortable and then allow yourself to enjoy yourself.

9. Family: Yours, Mine, & Ours! When preparing meals, choose a menu that will easily allow you to "Somersize" the meal for the entire family. You will find by avoiding the "yours, mine, and ours" syndrome that you will increase your level of success and improve your families sense of nutrition without them even knowing it!

10. Support Network: Reach out and find someone to be your Support Buddy, ...not only does it keep you both accountable, you each will benefit from the support of this friend to help you through the "thick n thin" process of loosing and maintaining your ideal weight!

Betsy Carter

"Disclaimer" - Betsy Carter is separate from Suzanne Somers and her Somersize product/services. There is no association, sponsorship, or affiliation between Betsy/Betsy Carter and Suzanne Somers/Somersize. Any references, views or opinions shared are expressly my own, Betsy Carter.

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