Friday, September 28, 2007

Shaken things UP!

Okay, as I am approaching week 3 at being the same weight/inches so I decided to shake things up a bit. Hoping that by my next weigh-in (October 1st) that the Metal Monster, er I mean that Sweet Scale of mine will be kind and move on out of the 70's!

As for eating, I decided to keep my muffins in the freezer and switch to some Pro/Fats breakfasts for a week. Yes, ...I am feeling a bit of withdrawl over that decision, but it's only a short term change so it won't be long until I add them back in.

Next, I have increased my water consumption and have increased my exercise, ...whether the scale moves next week or not I'm doing good things for my body and I'm feeling great about that!

Okay, while making changes, thought I'd try to add some more information to my Blog, so bear with me as I shake things up over here!

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