Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gotta Have this ...

Okay, I am head over heels (um, emphasis on heels) in love with this Treadmill and I just gotta have it! LoL

I've wanted one forever, but honestly, we just don't have the space to put it in so that it will be easily accessible. I can make room in the basement, but I know if I put in down there it will only collect dust, it definately has to go in one of our everyday living spaces.

You know me, things have to be functional as well as decorative, so I've really been racking my brain about re-arranging things to make this work. And, I think I've come up with a plan, I just have to convince Kenny and that has been the hardest part! LoL

He's kinda on the fence about this one, ...really the only negative thing that he has come up with is the space issue. And, yes I agree that has been the biggest hurdle when it comes to choosing a treadmill.

But, ...this particular one is available from HSN, currently it has FREE Shipping and Handling and they are offering 4 flexpays, what's not to love about that? LoL

I know, I know, nothing, ...I love all the features and HSN is really making it so affordable, so why not?

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